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Selecting just a top 10 favorite game soundtracks is almost as hard as it was to select just top 10 favorite games.  Many of these match up with my Top 10 Favorite Games List , though some do diverge into new territory. This shows that while the game soundtrack is closely tied with the enjoyment of the game, that is not always the case. Sometimes a game can stand on its own without a great soundtrack. Other times a soundtrack will stand out when the game itself was not that great. However, that is just my opinion on the matter, but feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

Top 10 Favorite Game Soundtracks

  1. Stardew Valley
  2. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  3. Chrono Trigger
  4. Secret of Mana
  5. The Bard’s Tale: Tales of the Unknown NES
  6. Battle of Olympus Soundtrack
  7. Skyrim
  8. Marrowind
  9. Neverwinter Nights
  10. Fallout 4

Stardew Valley CoverartStardew Valley

It is amazing that this was all made by the developer. ConcernedApe did a fantastic job of creating a soundtrack which captured the feel of the game perfectly. The soundtrack is relaxing and peaceful, yet also has an amazing energy to it. I am not a music critic so it is difficult for me to put into works just how awesome I feel this soundtrack is. The track also has a unique enough sound, and is designed to match how game areas feel that when I hear it I can imagine the places in the game. To me that last part is very important. I love getting caught up in a favorite song and letting it take me back to another time and place. So when a game soundtrack is powerful enough to do that it shows just how great it is. I will be honest, not even all of my favorite top 10 game soundtracks can do that for me. It takes a very special song and game to have that effect on me.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

The music in this game is so beautiful. The music paints a vivid story as well if not better than the words and graphics in the game. With each area, and even each event, having its own music and sounds the game is truly an audio masterpiece. Just hearing the first few notes of the intro gives me this warm and fuzzy feeling. I remember back when life was simpler being curled up in my the living room playing this game while my Dad mowed the lawn and my Mom washed dishes. It is a very special game to me for that reason and I will always cherish the memories it holds for me.

Crono Trigger CoverChrono Trigger

It amazes me how many older games make it onto my Top 10 Favorite Game Soundtracks list. Chrono Trigger is by no means the oldest, however, it still had many of the same limitations as other games did. With just 16 bit sound the music in the game is amazing. Of course Chrono Trigger has many orchestral versions of the soundtrack you can pick up too. However, I love the 16 bit sound from the console. This is not a game I played back in Highschool. I only first played it on an emulator years after graduating. However, still it fits right in with the games I love to play.

Secret of Mana coverSecret of Mana

Another 16 bit sound gem, I spent many happy days playing Secret of Mana as I discuss in the Review I did on the game. You can access the review by clicking on the title of the game above. I will pull up the soundtrack from time to time and just listen to it in the background as I work. I realize listening to it today, that this soundtrack may not be as good as I remember. However, it is still a favorite and I can easily put this on as background noise while I am programming at work.

The Bard’s Tale NES Version

Bards Tale NESI have spent a lot of time going on about how amazing 16 bit sound is with 3 of my top 4 games being SNES games. It is even more amazing what the previous generation of developers did with 8 bit sounds. While I prefer the gameplay of the computer versions, the NES version of The Bard’s Tale has some really amazing music. This is another one of those games that puts me back in time. I remember sitting on the floor in the living room playing this game after school when I was in elementary school. I really hope my children have the same type of good memories of gaming when they grow up as I do.

The Battle of Olympus

I think the only reason I rated this game lower than The Bard’s Tale is due to the fact I have more and better memories of playing The Bard’s Tale. Listening to the music I honestly think the music here is much better. However, I still hold The Bard’s Tale above this in my personal favorites lists. The music has an epic feeling to it, and some of the songs still fill me with a sense of dread as I recall facing some pretty difficult battles. I never beat this game and would love to come back to it one day and learn where the rest of the soundtrack I haven’t heard in game is located.


Alright, with this one we move away from the more limited scope of the soundtracks and get a very epic soundtrack with all of the glory modern PC games can provide us. However, it is not even within the top 5 of the list. That is because for as awesome as the music is, it isn’t as iconic to me. I cannot hear this soundtrack and instantly think of the game, or even the exact position in the game that sound or music is from. I can with all of the previous entries. So while it is good, it gets the number 6 spot.


Marrowind is right up here with Skyrim as far as epic music scores. It is an amazing piece, but still not unique enough that I think of the game and specific areas of the game when I hear it. Marrowind is a favorite game of mine even though it has not made it on to any of my lists or reviews as of yet. I spend hundreds of hours playing it years ago. I have tried to come back to it several times but have trouble getting back into it. When I play it the graphics seems great, only now after playing Skyrim so much so I realize how lacking they are. Yet the musical score is still perfect.

Neverwinter Nights Cover ArtNeverwinter Nights

This is the Diamond Soundtrack. In many ways this falls into the same trap as Skyrim and Marrowind. None of the music is unique and ear catching enough that I think of a specific area in the game when it plays. I still enjoy it. However, I really like it when a piece of music takes me back to another time and place when I hear it. However, the music still very beautiful and enjoyable to listen to.

Fallout 4

Ok this is a guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy Fallout I and Fallout II much more than Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 in nearly every way. Graphics, Audio, Gameplay, Storyline. However, the soundtrack is something else. Fallout I and Fallout II have a better background sound, where you have this eerie music playing all of the time. It fits the game perfectly, I would not change it if I could. However, it is not the type of thing you just fire up to listen to. Fallout 4 did a pretty amazing job of matching songs up to the feel of the game

Final Thoughts on my Top 10 Favorite Game Soundtracks

Most of the times in games I turn the music off. That may be why some more modern games are not on the list. One game which I did not include on the list but easily could have is World of Warcraft. I was a progression raider for many years through Burning Crusades and Wrath of the Lich King. I am not sure why I did not think to include it on the lists. I think it is just one of those games that I don’t think about that much.

The reason I usually end up turning the music off in a game is it starts to distract me from what is happening in the game. In the games I listed above that is not the case. The music tends to add to the game and make it better instead  of taking away from the game. So while some other games may have amazing soundtracks on their own, likely when I played them I felt the music detracted from my gaming experience.

I hope all of you have found this list enjoyable. Please leave me some comments and let me know what you think. I am always eager to get feedback from other games and hear what their favorite game soundtracks are.

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