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Easter is fast approaching!

Why celebrate it going outside…some places still have snow >.> 
So why not indoors? 

I have a few games to interest you with that help celebrate the holiday!

First there’s Stardew Valley!  


The 13th day of spring and you can take part in the Egg hunt!  It is my favorite event in the game for sure!  Find enough eggs and you can get a cute little hat to wear!


Through April 28, I’ve heard that Roblox is hosting a limited-time Egg Hunt event. You can search through different games to uncover 49 eggs!  Rumor these eggs contain a hat for your collection!  Collect them all for an even bigger reward!

Here is one game that gives a cute dodo bird pet for collecting 12 in the game!


World of Warcraft has been doing Noblegarden for years but you can still go out and go egg hunting for some cute pets and other items!

Assassins Creed Valhalla still has Ostara going on!

Get in there before it’s over!  Go find some eggs (15 in total) and go aviking something!  Remember the eggs have a unique sound and don’t be afraid to look up!  <3  There’s more to do for the event, but I thought the egg hunt was the best


Update:  Fornite came out with their own egg hunt!  Get some eggs and finish the first quest for a new pick axe!

I know I’m missing some certainly, so if you have any egg hunts that you know of and would like to share, please leave a comment and let us know!

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