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Welcome to the Fallout Classic Collection. Take on the role of the Vault Dweller; In the year 2161 you are sent out on a mission by the overseer of your vault. You must find a replacement water chip somewhere in the post apocalyptic world you find outside the safety of your vault.

As a descendant of the vault dweller you take on the role of the Chosen One. You must leave your village and strike out across the waste land to save it from draught and famine. What wonders and horrors await you in the unexplored depths of the wasteland?

With a completely open world to explore you must navigate the complex social dynamics of this strange new world. Will you bring hope and help to the beleaguered communities of the wasteland… or terror and death?

Fallout 2 is ranked number 3 in my Top 10 Favorite Games List. The only reason I did not include Fallout 1in my Top 10 Favorite Games List is that it did not have the car in it. I know it seems like a silly thing, and both games are awesome. However, I really love the car you get in Fallout 2 and can drive around the map in.

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Fallout Classics Collection

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Fallout Classic Collection Rating 5.0

The games of the Fallout Classic Collection came in what I view as the golden age of computer games. I remember my first treks out of the vault and across the wastelands. I spent hours exploring these games and finding their secrets. These game are a true open world that allows players to play the hero or villain as they desire. I purchased both Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 from a bargain bin at Best Buy so they were already somewhat old when I started playing them. Yet I spent hours exploring the wastelands. These games can be unforgiving if you do not save often and in various spots. I know in Fallout 1 I hit an area where I was almost done with the game… and all of my saves were after this location. Yet, I had radiation poisoning… which was killing me every time I tried to travel to where I needed to turn in part of the quest. I had no saves outside of that area so I had to start the whole game again.

Game Play 5.0

I cannot find many faults in the game play of the games in the Fallout Classic Collection. Fallout I and Fallout II are both master pieces.

The games both give you a true open world to explore. You can decide where you go and when with no real limitations. Of course if you go into some places without proper preparation you die a horrible and likely slow death. Yet that is part of the charm of this game.

The games are riddled with secrets, inside jokes, geeky references, and dark humor.

Combat flows beautifully with the turn based system the game works with. I much prefer turn based systems to real time combat in top down games.

When you customize your character you must do so carefully, some options may not be available to you if your stats are to low in some skills. This comes back to older games being so unforgiving. Yet this gives you the ability to replay the game and find new secrets with different types of characters that are possible. Of course if you want to have all paths available to you in one playthrough you can always cheat to increase your stats so you can do everything. What would the fun in that be though?

I will admit that Fallout tactics is the weak link in the chain here. However, it is an enjoyable if grindy game. So with as wonderful as the previously mentioned games are I will not take points away for this mediocre one. I honestly do not remember much about Fallout Tactics other than it felt like a grind. Instead of the exploration and puzzle solving you focus mainly on combat. If the Fallout style of combat happens to be your thing you may really enjoy this game.

Visuals 5.0

The graphics in the Fallout Classic Collections hold up well after all these years. It is true they are not stunning HD models. However, they have a charm of their own. Considering how old these games are it is amazing still look as good as they do.

While graphics on the maps are good, I am amazed at how well they implemented the talking heads. These look well ahead of their time even if they look dated today. These fully animated and voiced video clips of important characters talking really help make the game world feel more alive.








The graphics throughout the game convey the sense of a bleak and dying world. One that has seen its former glory days come and go… now now is crumbling into ruin. Yet occasionally you will stumble across a well maintained bunker. Yet this only serves to remind you of how fall the world has fallen when once more you venture out into the waste land.


I don’t feel that the newer games captured the post apocalyptic version of the world as well as Fallouts 1 and Fallout 2 did. So anyone out there who has played Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, you should really try Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. The original games have a lot to offer in both background story and setting. These two original games also show where V.A.T.S came from in the later games. It made a lot more sense when you were playing a turn based game and not an FPS.

Audio 5.0

The audio selection for The Fallout Classic Collection is beautifully done. You have the 1950’s sounding intro which still brings back a sense of nostalgia every time I hear it in any of the newer fallout games.

The voice overs are well done and on point. They really help draw you into the characters and story.

The best part though has to be the chilling background sounds when playing. I cannot not bring myself to call it music, even though I suppose it is. I would describe it as an eerie cry from the dead and dying world. These sounds more than anything else set the mood for the games.

This is a contradiction to the more modern versions of fallout which have that 1950’s era music playing everywhere. While the newer games music does seem to fit the world they have developed… it doesn’t fit in with the darker feel of the older games.

User Interface 5.0

The user interface is well easy to use. From exploration to combat it is intuitive and easy to navigate. The best part of the game has to be the maps. The maps in Fallout I and Fallout II are just fun to use. They give you a real sense of exploration and the time passing as you explore. After playing games like Neverwinter Nights that have overly complex interfaces, on that is as easy to use as the Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 interface is refreshing.

Story 5.0

The Fallout Classic Collections sets a story up as few ever games have ever managed. They begin with such a simple premise, then layer upon layer build upon that foundation adding in hints and clues to what came before… and what still may be out there. The storytelling is masterful and the transition from Fallout I to Fallout II is splendid. They managed lay the groundwork for an entire body of work. This story ranks up there with the likes if Warcraft, Diablo, Elder Scrolls, and Kings Quest in my humble opinion.

When playing through Fallout 2 it can be fun to go back through and see what the Cannon events of Fallout 1 were by visiting some of the locations which exist in both.

One of the best parts of the Story for both games are the variable endings. Depending on how quickly you complete the game and what you do changes the outcome of the world in the end. It is possible to win the game while basically letting down everyone who was depending on you to save them. This type of ending availability makes the world feel more alive.

Fallout Classic Collection Summary

Fallout Classic Collection is only the second game I have given a 5.0. The game was just beautifully created with so much love and care. I feel that these games are superior to the Fallout games which came after them. Though I will admit even today I still pull up Fallout IV from time to time. Yet I think I will go back and do playthroughs of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. Visit some of my favorite locations, blow up some of my favorite mutants, and basically conquer the wasteland!

These games are well worth the 19.99 price tag. Just please forgive Fallout Tactics… it means well. I urge anyone who is a fan of the newer Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 to give these games a chance. While they may not be the latest First Person Shooters they have many awesome RPG elements as well as deep and rich storylines.


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