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Welcome to my little corner of Pixel’s Not Included, where I can tell and do whatever I want!  Join me in a brief discussion of a few popular video games today!

Fortnite Season 6 is here!  

Fortnite Season 6 logo

Anyone still excited?  I love the Jonesy character and he continues to be a delight.  I’ve had to watch a few videos to help explain the whole storyline of the game since I’ve only joined in since season 3 of chapter 2.  And we will just have to wait and see what the Foundation can do for the zero point.

I’ve heard some pros and cons to the new weapons and personally, I like the primal and makeshift weapons more.  Not sure if there is an actual difference or just one perceived by me.  The crafting system is interesting.  I wish the inventory would hold over from game to game but then that wouldn’t be Fortnite now would it?  If you’re lucky enough to get your gear upgrade hopefully, no one kills you first!

New update for Valhalla:  New event!  New skills! 

Ostara festival logo

Ostara Season is upon us!  And Eek! It ends soon?!  The game mentioned 48 hours to me, but the quests say 20 days?  Is that a glitch?  Well either way, get in there and hunt some eggies!  Get those tokens spent for the fun items they have!  Fancy those flowers for your beard?  Go for it!  Hint:  If you’re having any trouble finding things they make a distinct sound much like chests and the good ole Odin sight will help!


Everyone seems to be in an uproar over the state of the gear appearances.  50 silver to change your ugly, let’s face it if you have amazon prime you know what I’m talking about, gear into the better looking ones with the same great stats.  Are we really crying over 50 silver?  Go fishing…you’ll get your silver in no time.  I haven’t found a time playing the game where I’ve been in the need of silver and had to grind for something.  Of course, I also don’t buy mats all the time for upgrades.  

Few are a fan of the Helix Credits either.  And at first I wasn’t either, but then if you haven’t realized, these items come up for ‘free’.  You need to grind some opals maybe but when they come up in the ‘opal shop’ you get to own them for only the price of your time in doing missions.

Don’t forget to get your Godly Reward!  Eivor looks really weird in Altiar’s clothes…but it still is pretty awesome all in all.


In other news:  Otaku Bubbles! 

otaku bubbles logo

This is a web comic I started years ago…like a decade ago actually.  I had even forgotten how video game oriented I had made it.  So I will release the older comics to make way for new ones!  We will post comics on a weekly basis for the time being.  Depending on how things go, I may start doing it bi-weekly.  For now, look forward to a little piece of gamer humor every Wednesday! 


What about the giveaway?!

I am sorry that it is thursday and still no giveaway has been put up.  I have been feeling poorly the past few days since the Fortnite grind with various health issues and haven’t been able to sit at my computer to get the giveaway moving.  I am feeling better and will get it up for the next coming week for sure!  

And lastly!  Thank you to everyone that is coming by for our giveaways and reading the content we share!  Please join us on discord and we appreciate your time with us!

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