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My Impression of Fortnite Season 7

Let’s talk a little Fortnite shall we? *spoilers ahead*

fortnite season 7

Yesterday, Season 7 of Chapter 2 dropped. Here is my impression on it, but how do you all feel? Love it? Hate it? I’m still on the fence. I’m loving the range of weaponry to work with, but I’m still not sure about this whole alien thing. After so much immersion from the last two chapters, at the start of a new chapter, I was a fair bit disappointed all we got was a cut scene to introduce us to this one. I mean, WHERE DID RICK COME FROM?!?!?!?! (The bunny reminds me of Sam and Max too btw)fortnite season 7

Am I asking too much for Fortnite to have their storyline make sense? And why did it look like the Foundation got thrown out into the middle of the ocean? Who is rescuing him? WHERE IS JONESY?!?!?!?! Where’s the Jonesy/Slone drama? That was her on the phone with him at the start of season 6 wasn’t it? And if Slone is here to warn us about the alien invasion, then why is she trying to kill me?! Or is that just her looped double?

I feel like Superman being in the game now makes more sense than Rick’s sudden appearance. (Did anyone else notice he was using a batman skin for the game? And wait…the copies play the game now?)fortnite season 7

Are we all on the same page that copies don’t talk and people that talk aren’t copies? Is that even really accurate anymore since you technically can talk to them for quests etc?  This storyline is just getting more convoluted as it goes.

I’m not so sure I like the star system idea…you still need to go so far to get skins so what’s the difference?  If you were in the situation I was in with the last season, I can see how it could be nice to get like the kitty backpack verse the wallpaper but that seems arbitrary to me if you plan to get to at least 100. We’ll see what it looks like after 100 I guess. I’m still a casual player so I will not pay for all those levels. And Fortnite doesn’t love me enough just to give them to me like other content creators lol.

Cosmic chests are a thing that seem to be a sniper’s dream. Go ahead and sit up next to one, it takes awhile to open and leaves you a sitting duck if you can’t keep a building up! I’ve only noticed them in duo matches so I’m not sure if they’re in solo or how long they take to open on solo.

Aliens have come by in their UFOs, if you shoot them down you can hijack one to play with. (Don’t land on them on your way down from the bus….doesn’t end well…) As a squad you can sit on top of them and deal damage from above. Vantage spot seems a bit OP but without coordination its pretty easy to be blocked from a good shot. But you can try to circumvent it by staying under the UFO as best as possible and use the rail gun. There are also alien artifacts you can collect so that you can customize your own personal alien!

Rail guns take some time to load up but they are pretty powerful. A laser will give them away but if that person has good aim…you’re probably a goner.

Oh and look vending machines! For those times you can’t find a weapon to save your life….don’t have any gold? Oops….

fortnite season 7
Still haven’t given Fornite a chance?  Its free!  Trust me, I had to be convinced to play it myself but here I am 4 seasons later.  Click here to go join the fun!

In the end….it is worth the play and grind in my opinion but in all seriousness…who’s on the Foundation rescue crew? I’m in!

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