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Here’s to starting up blogs once more.

I tell myself that this time I will stick to a schedule and get it done and my brain laughs. Undiagnosed mental disorders for the win! I know I’m not alone out there so I’m rooting for each one of you to be able to do the thing! Whatever thing that may be.

Here it comes…

There’s been some exciting things I wanted to talk about in the world of gaming that kind of have already come and gone. PS5! Whoo! I took a slew of notes on the initial live release to geek out on titles and now it just seems like old news. But I will give a few that really sank in for me.

#1 Stray – OMG! So flipping adorable I can’t even stand it! Poor little peopleless kitty! I can’t wait to run around as this kitty with a backpack to do the bidding of my new robotic overlords. Is there a hideout for humans somewhere?! Who knows!

I also noticed there seemed to be a TON of female leads in these new games coming up. Time for the internet to find something else to complain about. ~.^

#2 Oddworld! Honestly I never picked up this title on playstation until we got one of those mini playstations. Definitely a sleeper title for me but I was pulled in by the story and can’t wait to see what this new one has in store! I can’t believe it has taken this long.

There are some other gems out there but I’ll center in on those when PS5 comes into full power. Everyone ready to see a crazy Christmas this year? Pre-orders already sold out? Eesh….I guess I’m waiting for those refilled shelf sales in 6 months…haha.

I’m sorry…

My other obsession lately has been the evil that is fortnite. I call it evil because it apparently has consumed my life and I have no one to blame other than my very own son. He wanted to play it so badly and I heard terrible things about it for younger children. Well…come to find out they have parental controls up the wazzu and it made me feel more comfortable to let him play. Fast forward a few months and the boy was saving my butt by revenging my honor and reviving me three times in one match alone… I want to say I’m good at this game, but who am I really kidding here?

So I wanted to talk about the new season and how awesome…and not…that it is. Loving the marvel theme, I really am. But….it’s not fortnite. It is a marvel game with some extra people you can play… Anyone else still think it has a fortnite feel to it anymore? Kinda at the point of, ‘just gimme my skins and let’s do the next season’…

What I really like about fortnite though is the little stories they tell without talking about them. Like in Season 3. You didn’t have to even notice but throughout the whole season you could help these little slime guys progress their civilization, only to find out with the new season it got burned down :< . Poor guys. There was also the whole space ship thing that seemed to start and have a nowhere ending. The war between the teddy bears and the garden gnomes… This marvel season kind of killed all those little stories it seemed except for whatever this super Slurp is that has all the gnomes in a tizzy staring at wall advertisements.

If I can manage to keep my schedule going I’ll be back and will keep you all up to date on the new discoveries. Week 4 is about to start!

Other things to look forward to!

On Friday at September 18th 10pm EST, I will be giving away a mysterious blind box of some gamer stuff! (sorry, leaving the retropie for a bigger goal!) Just gotta be in the chat to win and have fun…maybe watch me be terrible at fortnite and have a laugh!

Giveaway Saturdays!

Sunday we will be getting back to the weekly game giveaways! If we don’t have anyone claiming the game it is just going to get recycled to the end of the line so you might get a second chance!

Then on Saturdays we will be releasing the new game of the week! So stay tuned! Ready to get back into the swing of things!

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