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So I have been cooped up in the house since March 20th.  I’ve been busy juggling kids out of school and the usual house duties as well as trying to get Pixels Not Included up and going after our hiatus.  Changed up our logo!  I plan to go back to work soon but don’t plan to hold back now!  It will take a few weeks to get my work schedule figured out again but after that will come a schedule change for our twitch streams.  Remember I have my own twitch the stream is 95% of the time Azoloth.  Sometimes we let the kids loose to play games so there’s the other 5.

I think I finally decided that once a week I’ll hit up with an update of things we’ve done and how things have gone for the week.  This way you all are kept up to date.  I love the gaming community and have been roaming the Twitch streams making some friends!

Make sure you check these guys out! (sweet lady in the UK)  (clown warning lol) (chill gaming ^.^) (as a mom…I gotta say this…this man has no filter ~.^ but definitely a good one to follow!)

My twitch is getting organized and we will have a schedule change like I said but if any of you have any ideas on what we could do to bump up our channels just leave us a comment!  I’m excited to hear ideas, I’m looking into some streaming apps to get some fun things in place.  I love to get everyone involved and having fun!

Almost forgot!  I am starting a little fun thing for Youtube, with playing the first 30 minutes of video games to give you the feel of how they play and what the story is etc.  This way if gives you an inside view on if you want to play it or not without too many spoilers!  If you have any game suggestions, let me know!  I’ll be covering new and older ones.

This busy gamer mom has to get going but I am hitting the ground running now!

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