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Is it already Thursday again?!  How is everyone doing?  It’s been a nasty weather day for those in Alabama…my thoughts are with you all.

Let’s see…anything new in the gaming world? 

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As far as I’m aware, there was just a patch for Northgard.  That…well…I’m still not sure if I like it or not.

They changed the Lynx clan A LOT and I’m still not sure if it’s okay or not.  I seemed to have an easier time getting to a more combative place with the clan now, but that could have just been that game.  My husband is a fan of the Ox and the patch notes made it seem like the clan hadn’t been nerfed at all but he noticed a difference in play.  So was Ox nerfed or did the other clans finally get a good step up against them?  

Mostly I’m looking forward to the better chance to get giants on my side.  The AI seems to love to get rid of them for some reason.  I love getting to use them in my conquest of the land.

If you want to check out the patch notes, go here.  

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I’ve got a few new games I’m going to check out.  They’re demos but still look interesting.  Etched Memories which is about a cat solving mysteries.

Tenants logo

Tenants about running some apartment buildings for people.  I’m thinking of doing reviews for these, if not then I will share my opinions of them next week!

Savior Logo

Also found a new game called Savior.  It is really impressive.  A side scrolling pixel art platformer that feels like a 3d game with its parkour and ease of battle.  The pixel art is quite detailed and immersive.  Not sure if it really does feel that easy, but from the intro video it definitely looked intuitive and amazing.  Keep an eye out for its’ release, I will!

Kids have this week off of school, so it is definitely going to be a whirlwind around the house.  I’m going to strive for some productivity, though!  


Also:  I’m only one person and there are so many games out there.  If you would like me to pick up and try a game or keep tabs on it for future updates let me know!  Go to our discord to keep in touch!

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