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King of Dragon Pass is interesting, with more of a focus on narrative storytelling and mythology than many modern games. It harkens back to a simpler time in the history of gaming. With no glossy 3d graphics, or fancy 2d motion, it provides a simple interface to tell you a story. That said, the game is not without its faults, which we will address in this review. However, if you are a gamer of the 80s and 90s as am I, King of Dragon Pass will provide a sense of nostalgia while also providing a wholly new experience.

Sargon’s Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Game Play:3 out of 5 stars (3.0 / 5)
Visualsl:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Story:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Audio:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Interface:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)

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King of Dragon Pass Rating: 4.4


Visuals 5.0

As my readers already know, I do not give visual grades by comparing a game to other games. I determine the rating based how on effective the graphics are for the game I am playing. King of Dragon Pass has beautiful graphics. The art style is pleasing to the eye, the text easy to read, and the color choices easy on the eyes. Even the map, while not the most user friendly I have come across, is beautifully rendered and feels right at home.


Audio 4.0

The instrumental music has a beautiful Celtic air, which fits the setting. The music is as beautifully rendered as the art. I only can find one fault, that is, the interface doesn’t have any sounds when I click on the buttons. I find it satisfying when I get audible feedback when pressing buttons. This is why I like the cherry blue keyboard switches, I like the audible feedback from my keyboard.

Game Play 3.0

Despite the rest of the game being so beautifully crafted, I feel that the overall game play is unpolished. Even after finishing the tutorial, I almost constantly felt as if I was lost. You have this entire array of options before you; you can only complete so many before the season advances. The reason I gave the game play a 3 instead of a 2 is this difficulty helps foster that sense of nostalgia I mentioned before. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not; I remember many older PC games such as Kings Bounty from the 80s, leaving me mystified as to what I should do next. Yet I also remember those games fondly as I spent hours exploring their secret mechanics. Today as an adult, however, I do not have that kind of time to devote to a game.

Story 5.0

Story should be a 6, or maybe even an 11 were not a 5 star rating system. They base the entire game around the mythology of the past and the story you are creating. Every decision you make about your clan’s mythological history changes the course of the game. With each decision you make in the present, you create new ripples that echo through the world. A decision made today may have consequences you cannot foresee in the years to come. The world feels alive and vibrant, and with such a simplistic interface as your guide, it shows how beautifully crafted the story is.


Interface 5.0

The interface is designed beautifully and is extremely easy to use. It is a shame the game play is so mysterious as the developers have a very intuitive interface. Yet that beautiful interface does not make knowing what to focus on each season any easier. I am a huge fan of simulation games, and this feels like a world simulation. Often I wish more games stuck with this type of interface as they told their story. I do not always feel like playing a platformer and fighting enemies, which is what many games attempting to go this route do. Often I just want to sit back and click buttons, make decisions, and guide without getting mired in the minutia.

Final Thoughts

This game is not perfect, yet few games are. While the game can be confusing you will likely get your 10 dollars worth of entertainment out of it. If you are one of the brave souls who delve deeper and unravel the game’s mechanics, you will likely have a rich and rewarding experiencing as you lose hundreds of hours into this game.


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