Ravenous Devils Review

My Ravenous Devils Review – I really enjoyed Ravenous Devils, I found the game play engaging much more engaging than it has any right to be. For the most part the visuals and audio elements were on point. I look forward to playing this game and learning more of the plot.. View on Steam and view our Giveaway

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I really love the grey-scale artwork used for the cut scenes. The contract between the grey -scale art and red blood really enhances the art. Despite the dark content, the cut scenes feel like works of art. I also really enjoy most of the art used for the game. I am a big fan of the 2D side view for manager style games. The biggest complaint I have is the random blood splattering up from the floors. In my opinion, this is an example of taking a concept that is great in moderation, and overdoing it.


The voice acting highly impressed me. Audio during gameplay made the game more immersive. The voices of the character when you try to have them do too many actions at once quickly became annoying. Of course, that could have been the intent of the game designer.

Game Play

The game play is where the game really shines. The controls were simple to figure out and easy to use. Flicking back and forth between the scenes to manage multiple characters was extremely satisfying. Usually with this type of game I get frustrated, often it feels impossible to keep up with the tasks. However, Ravenous Devils has a perfect curve. I always felt challenged but never overwhelmed by the games systems. Each time I made a mistake, I saw where I could improve my play or buy items to help improve the aspects I was lacking. For instance, I bought a second oven before a second work bench, so I could not make use of it until I purchased an extra work bench.


I have not gotten into the game far enough to figure out its plot. However, the clues given during the cut scenes have me interested. The story is often as important for me as the gameplay. Those are both more important than the graphics or the audio elements of the game. I want to know who wrote the letter at the end of my current session, and what they will do to keep their silence.

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