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Hello All!

I wanted to announce some exciting new updates regarding how Pixels Not Included will work in the future.

Please bear with us as a lot of this is new to us and there may be some hiccups along the way.

New Author

First I would like to welcome my Wife Silurian who will be blogging under the Busy Gamer Girl category. I will be blogging under the Classic Gamer Corner Category. This should help those of you who are only interested in one or the other follow our posts much easier.

Silurian is a working Mom who is raising 2 (she claims 3) children and an avid gamer. In fact her and I met in a Roleplaying Game. She is the one who came up with the name “Pixels Not Included” for the blog.

She is mainly a console gamer, however, she also does game on PC from time to time.

Post Schedule

While launching Pixels Not Included over the past few weeks I have been doing nearly daily posts. That type of pace is not sustainable when you are striving to deliver high quality content. Moving forward I will be doing fewer posts, however, the posts will be longer and have more content in them.


Weekly Classic Game Giveaway launch.


Silurians Busy Gamer Girl section will have a blog post


Azoloth will post in either the Classic Gamers Corner, or the Indie Market with a Blog Post, Podcast, and Youtube video. These videos will likely be twitch streamed live, however, I do not have a set posting schedule for when I will be making the videos so I can’t tell you when you can watch me live there.

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