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As we build Pixels not included we believe in sharing our love for gaming with all of our fans. To this end we hold nearly weekly game giveaways for both classic games and new hits. We have been working over the last few months at building up a twitch following to go hand in hand with our blog and Facebook page. To celebrate Silurian being so close to becoming an affiliate on Twitch we are holding our first hardware giveaway; This one has one catch though! The RetroPi Giveaway will be conducted live on Twitch!

More specifically it is being held on Silurian’s (AKA Busy Gamer Girl) Channel on Once she has 100 follows she will be doing the giveaway live for her followers. More details on how this will happen will follow as soon as she hits 100 followers. However, make sure you tune in often so you don’t miss out!

With our combined love of Retro Console Gaming we have decided to give away a Retro-Pi built on a Raspberry Pi B+. It comes in an awesome NES case and with two USB NES controllers (Games not included). I have built up one of these for my personal use and I can honestly say it is the most fun I have had on a console since the SNES was out. (Mine has SNES controllers which are available over on Amazon)

RetroPi Giveaway Device

Expect more pictures soon as we finish up the software configuration.

Currently she is at 42 followers, So head on over to her channel on Twitch and follow her there for a chance to win.

So no one is disappointed some rules for our RetroPi Giveaway.

  • You must be a twitch follower of Silurians to enter the giveaway.
  • We will only pay for shipping within the United States, Canada, and The United Kingdom.
  • Oversea shipping will be done at the cheapest rates and  you will be responsible for any customs charges.
  • No games are loaded on the device, you will have to figure that one out on your own due to copyright laws.



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