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I wanted to make a quick note here regarding my review process. So far it seems like I have been giving a ton of super high reviews and I felt that needed some explanation.

As I start this blog out I plan to focus mainly on Classic and Indie games; Those type of games tend to be my favorites.

However, my goal in reviewing classic games and indie games is to help introduce younger games to games they may not be that familiar with. Give them a chance to experience the joys and frustrations of some of these classic games and indie games.

Since I am mainly reviewing older games at this point, I have a plethora of wonderful games to pick from. Of course I plan to spend my time reviewing games I love and enjoy. However, as I start running out of those I will start doing reviews of games I do not enjoy. There are some old games out there that were truly horrible.

Indie games are an interesting case. So many of them have great ideas but the execution can be off. Those I try to rate with the authors intent in mind as well as what I would like to have seen. I do not compare them to other games because often indie games don’t have the resources to do what larger game companies can.

My review process can change for each game. Normally I like to do Game Play, Visuals, Audio, User Interface, and Story. However, some games I will swap in different categories like I did with The Bard’s Tale Review. In that review I put a Spirit of the Original since they changed some aspects of the game.

So I hope you all enjoy my blog and I appreciate your readership, thank you!

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