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I love indie games, often I will spend hours on sites like and Game Jolt exploring the latest indie titles. Today I received an email about a game called Runonce.

The game states that it is about creating memories. You run the game knowing you will break the poor creature who is your virtual friend. Once you finally force close the application that is it, they are gone forever with only the memories you  have made with them.

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Run Once Rating 4.0

Rating an Indie game like this is very hard. I try to rate them on two factors.

  1. What I think the author’s intent was
  2. What I would like to have seen

With these type of games, especially when they are more experimental and do not fit a typical genre, it is hard to compare them to other games. So I won’t do that. I look at how fun the game was, what I would like to have seen, and how well I feel the author executed their stated goal.

This game is really worth going over and at least buying the author a cup of coffee for a couple dollars.

Buy the author a coffee over at

Game Play 3.0

With that warning I started the game.

Admittedly the game itself is very basic. I gave it a 3 out of 5 not in comparison to other games, but in reflection of what this game was trying to do.

I would have enjoyed seeing this concept taken further. Maybe having to care for it, feed it, water it. See it grow up and change. I believe that would have made the emotional impact at the end feel much more real.

I did enjoy the fact that it asked you to save some items..

Other times they just saved some on their own

Visuals 4.0

The graphics in Runonce are cute. I found them enjoyable to look at and entertaining. Really the game sets out to do what it intends with them. While I can’t give it a 5 because they were not spectacular I feel they were very good.

Audio 5.0

I love the little guys voice. He just sounds so cute every time he talks! I really enjoyed hearing him go on and on.

User Interface 3.0

There is really no user interface to speak of, you just click in the box. I would have like it if you could have killed the program in some way besides going into the task manager.

Story 5.0

Runonce has a cute little story you could follow along with. Looking over the Developers notes it really should be considered a poem more than a story. It is short but beautiful.

Once I finally killed him and tried to reopen him I had some closure at least…

Final Thoughts.

This is an entertaining little game. Though I graded this game on what I would like to have seen, I think it is awesome.

I highly recommend going over to and downloading it, you should also pay a dollar or two and buy the author a cup of coffee for the effort that put into this neat little game.

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