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Welcome to the Space Quest Collection Giveaway

Join Roger Wilco, a sanitation engineer on the space-lab Arcada on his epic space adventure in our Space Quest Collection giveaway.

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    Police Quest Collection

Space Quest Collection - Giveaway



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Being completely honest with everyone, I am an avid retro gamer and have been gaming since the late 1980’s. However, I have rarely played the Space Quest Games.

I have one memory of starting one of the games up, however, I do not recall what I did in it. It is possible that I did not play it very long. While I spent hours playing games such as Kings Quest, The Bards Tale, and Star Flight… Space Quest slipped under the radar. While it is not on my Top 10 Favorite Games list, of even a runner up, it is still a classic game worth playing.

This week we will hold the Space Quest Collection Giveaway. We hold these giveaways each week to try to help promote a new generation of gamer’s to fall in love with these classic games, and some newer ones we love ourselves.

Followers of Pixels Not Included and/or Silurian on Twitch will have a chance to win an epic prize. We are currently working on the prize and will have more details for you soon. While I won’t say what it is right now, however, I will say that classic console gamer’s will love this. We plan to do the giveaway as soon as the Silurian Channel hits 100 followers, we are hoping to do this by July 4th! As soon as we hit it we will be doing the giveaway on the next Weekend or Holiday.

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