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We want to hear from you!, So we have added the ability to our site for users to cast their own votes on the games we review! We really wanted to see how our taste in games matches up with that of our community.

We are eager to hear from the community and see how you rate various games. While all of us share a love for classic games, we all have different tastes. If we haven’t reviewed one of your favorite classic games yet please leave us a comment below! We love to learn about new classic games we may have missed!

How to leave a review

The system is very simple. Just visit one of our game reviews and under the introduction you will see a 1-5 star rating system. Just leave your rating of the game as a whole. There is no need to login, just cast your vote for our site.

Visit our reviews section here to start leaving us your feedback on games we have reviewed! Remember, if we haven’t reviewed a game you love leave us a comment so we can add it to our list. Right now we have around 100 games we plan to review so yours may already be pending. However, it never hurts to leave us a note and make sure we don’t miss some hidden gem from the past!

The more obscure the better. One of my favorite games from days gone by which I forgot about until writing this is called “The President is Missing“. Talk about an old and obscure game that was way beyond its time. I will have to make a note to find an old copy of this game and do a review on it now, I was never able to figure it out and my understanding is that it is now impossible to finish. You had to actually send information into the company who made it to get what you needed to move forward. Maybe some enterprising game cracker has found how to advance in it now.

Thank you for your support!

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