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At Pixels Not Included we are excited to start our new gaming blog. In celebration we will be conducting weekly game giveaways starting in August!

Each week for the foreseeable future we will be holding a contest to give away a free copy of a game we have reviewed. These will all be games we have given at least a 4.5 rating in our review process. Some of the games like our first one will harken back to the classic days of computer gaming, while others will be the latest and greatest. Feel free to try to win them all, we really want to share the games we are passionate about with our fans!

Our first weekly giveaway will start on August 1st and end on August 9th (yes I know its slightly longer than a week but we were to excited to wait until the 4th to start!). We will be giving away The Bard’s Tale Trilogy on Steam.

You can read our review of The Bard’s Tale Trilogy here. You can also watch our ongoing playthrough of The Bard’s Tale Trilogy here.

To enter the contest all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter once. Then each week you can enter your email address for a chance to win! Also if you share the contest with others using the link we provided you, you will get extra entries for each person who signs up under you!

We promise we won’t ever sell or give away your email address. It will be used solely for our weekly newsletter with the latest news, updates, and contests.

You can like and follow our page on Facebook for the latest updates as well! We links to all of our reviews and giveaways on our Facebook page.

Thank you for your interest and your support. We greatly appreciate it!

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