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Want to know about Pixels Not Included?

We are a game review and discussion site focusing on several topics. Our aim is to bring the games we love to new audiences as outlined below.

Classics Corner: This section is focused on introducing classic games to a new generation of gamers. We do weekly classic game giveaways to introduce these long forgotten gems to new players. We also feature a weekly podcast and video playthroughs. So many of these games are being remade now and attracting a new audience,  yet so often younger gamers would rather grab the latest 3D FPS and ignore an older 2D game they may come to love.

Busy Gamer GirlThis section is focused on reviews and discussions from a Mother with two children and her love of gaming. Trying to find time to game when dealing with 2 children (3 if you count her husband) can be a challenge. Women are often stuck with the bearshare of work around the house, in addition to the careers many of them excel at. They need time to relax as much, and probably more, than the men they have to put up with.

Indie MarketClassic games are great, however, just as good is finding games that hit that same sweet spot. Many classic games are built with the same styles of gameplay, graphics, and audio that made many classic games so special. It is easy to focus on the AAA games and forget that new and innovative ideas and classic game play styles are being brought to us in droves by small indie makers and studios.

Our Blog

Starflight 2 Cover ArtI originally created this site with one goal in mind, to introduce a new generation of Gamers to my favorite classic games in the Classic Gamer Corner.

Many of these games are forgotten treasures from the past. Some of them we have been lucky enough to see remastered while others can be very difficult to locate.

I started my gaming lifestyle back on an Atari 7800, and was playing my first PC games when I was 7 in 1988. This made me love of classic games, pixel art, and 16 bit music.

However, I plan for Pixels Not Included to grow beyond just introducing new Gamers to classic games. As we move forward I plan to include other content, doing my best to bring the joys of gaming others.

Soon we will have a new area on the site for the Busy Gamer Girl. This part of the site will be dedicated to a wife and mother who juggles her love of gaming with taking care of her family. My wife will be the one writing posts for that section of the site. She has much different tastes in games than I do. While I am mainly an avid PC gamer, she is mainly a console gamer. We do enjoy some games together such as Stardew Valley and Don’t Starve though.

Starfew Valley Farm
Stardew Valley

I am also working on the Indie Game Market, no we will not be selling games. This area of Pixels Not Included is to showcase our favorite Indie authors and their games.

I love indie games for many reasons. I love creating things myself and seeing dedicated people like Concerned Ape bring creations such as Stardew Valley to life is inspirational.

These games often also bring the elements I love from classic games. Many of them are 2D and 2.5D, use pixel art, and have soundtracks that could have come right from a game in the 1980’s.


Our Multimedia Content

In addition to our Game Reviews, we are also doing Podcasts of the game reviews, as well as about gaming in general.

We are also working on playthroughs and video reviews of our games on Twitch and Youtube.

Pixels Not Included Partners

We have partnered with Humble Bundle, among others, to help bring in revenue to support our site. I strongly encourage everyone to purchase as many games through Humble as possible. I love the fact that they donate part of the proceeds to charities. Their bundles are also a great way for gamers who don’t have a lot of money to get some really great games.

They also offer the Humble Monthly Bundle which provides great games for just 12 dollars a month.


As time goes on we plan to add more sections and bloggers to our site, right now it is just myself (Azoloth), and my Wife (Silurian) running the blog. However, we have some friends who are avid gamers each eager to share the niche they enjoy in gaming with the larger gaming community.

Thank you for your interest in learning about us and our passion for gaming.